Prof. Willatzen was Invited to Give Lectures in Xi'dian University


During July 8th to 12th, Prof. Morten Willatzen was invited by Xidian University in Xi’an, China to give lectures to 2nd year undergraduate students for a week on the following topics:

(1) Strain and stress in solids.

(2) Free energy and derivation of the elastic tensor for cubic and hexagonal crystals

(3) Thermodynamic relations

(4) Transformation properties of tensors   

(5) Piezoelectric toy model

(6) Derivation of the piezoelectric e tensor in hexagonal structures

(7) Governing acoustic equations of a fluid

(8) The piezoelectric transmitter and receiver

(9) Mathematical model construction of apiezoelectric transmitter

(10) Transducer applications in classical physics and nanophysics

Xi’dian University launched a “Xi’dian International Week” activity from Jul 1st to 14th 2019, in which, global specialists were invited to teach a total 73 courses to undergraduate students. This visit to Xi’dian University The lectures of Prof. Willatzen were successful and warmly welcomed by the students.

Morten Xi'an.jpg

Prof. Morten Willatzen was giving lectures